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Remote Car Starters Built for the Cold

Arctic Start remote start and security systems are manufactured by the top maker of convenience and safety products for your vehicle: Firstech. For the past 20 years, Firstech has committed to developing solutions to maximize the security and comfort of your driving experience.

Arctic Start Remote Starters

Built for the Cold!

Arctic Start is a brand of Firstech, a company founded in Anchorage, Alaska in 1998. Our roots inspire us to develop solutions that are engineered and tested to endure the harshest of environments. Every Arctic Start system is temperature tested in extreme heat and extreme cold to ensure best-in-class reliability.

So whether you're driving hot or cold, Arctic Start is the solution for driving at your ideal inside temperature.

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Do I have to give up a key arctic start remote start

Do I Have to Give Up a Key?

Arctic Start remote car starters use a proprietary technology called KLON to mimic your car's key signal to securely start your engine without the key being physically present in the vehicle.

If your vehicle supports KLON, a key is not required for remote start installation - one of the many things that sets Arctic Start apart!

Arctic Start system CM7000

The Installer's Choice

Arctic Start systems are all web-programmable and updatable, making it easier than ever for your Authorized Installer to tune your system to fit your exact needs.

Want 45min extended remote start runtime? No problem.
Want to control sliding doors? That's easy.
Drive a stick-shift? We've got the safest solution.
Need 4 remotes for everyone in the family? Sure, you can do it all with Arctic Start!

Is My Vehicle Compatible?
Arctic Start systems are fully upgradeable!

Maximum Upgradeability

Arctic Start systems are built to last. Even after your remote start or alarm installation, you can upgrade your features at any time without replacing your system. Arctic Start systems are sold "modularly", meaning that your Authorized Dealer can easily mix-and-match components to build the system that best fits your needs!

So whether you want to add smartphone control, security sensors, or extended range to your remote starter, Arctic Start has you covered!

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How to Buy Arctic Start

Arctic Start has Authorized Retailers with trained installation technicians across the United States. To contact an authorized retailer near you about installing an Arctic Start remote car starter or alarm, please click the "Find a Dealer" button below.

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