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Arctic Scoops: Remote Pairing

Justin Lee | 7 years ago | Featured|Remote Start|Security|Technology
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What is remote pairing?
Remote pairing syncs your Arctic Start remote transmitters (commonly referred to as “key fobs”) to the Arctic Start remote start and/or security system equipped in your vehicle. Our systems use secure wireless technology to transmit signals from the remote to the vehicle, much like the remote control you may use to change channels on your television. With the rise in popularity of products controlled by wireless transmitters, many devices make use of similar technology to communicate between devices. In order to prevent accidental or malicious interference with your system, a private connection must be established for secure operation of your Arctic Start system.


How do I pair a remote?
To pair an Arctic Start remote to your system, follow these easy steps. Before beginning the pairing procedure, you will need your vehicle’s ignition key and the remote(s) you wish to program. Please check the remote(s) to see if they have sufficient battery power before you begin.

1. Unlock and/or disarm your system if its security features are active.
2. Using your vehicle’s ignition key, turn on the vehicle’s power a total of 5 times within a span of 5 seconds. The key must only turn from OFF to ACC or (OFF to ON), please do not start the vehicle’s engine during this procedure.
3. Press the lock (I) button for 1 second. Holding the button down for longer than 1 second may prevent the command from being recognized.
4. Repeat the previous step for additional remotes yet to be paired.
5. Remove your vehicle’s key from the ignition.

Please notice that if the pairing sequence is initiated and no commands are sent from a compatible remote, the system will automatically enter valet mode as a safety precaution. To exit valet mode, please reference the section titled “How do I deactivate valet mode?”


When will I need to use the remote pairing feature?
Arctic Start systems are “modular”, meaning there are various interchangeable parts that can be added or removed. This offers our customers many more options in choosing a remote pairing and makes it easier to replace parts when necessary. Due to the nature of modular compatibility, new remotes must be paired to the system before use. Although the replaced remote may be of the same model and design, it is likely that the replacement will not be recognized by your system until a pairing sequence has been completed.