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Ready for Winter 2018-19?

Justin Lee | 6 years ago | Featured|Remote Start

Fall is here, which means Pumpkin Spice, holidays, and school. But it also means that winter is just around the corner. We at Arctic Start pay close attention to long-term projections to give drivers a heads up on what they can expect on the road in 2018-19. Our findings show that Winter 2018-19 is going to be a cold one.

What are the predictions for 2018?

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, 2018-19 Winter looks to be “teeth-chattering”, “biting cold”, and “wintry”. The cold is expected to be at its worst in Mid-February, meaning this will not only be a cold winter, but a long winter.

That said, there are also projections of 2018-19 being an El Niño slightly warmer winter, which should provide some relief to those in the Northeast who experienced extreme snowy weather in the later parts of winter in 2017-18.

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How much snowfall will there be in 2018?

In terms of snowfall, 2018-19 projects to be “closer to normal” according to the Farmer’s Almanac. This is good news for skiers and snowboarders, but bad news for commuters.

What does this mean for me and my car?

When winter hits, having an Arctic Start Remote Starter equipped on your vehicle is the best way to ensure your winter drives are comfortable for you and your passengers. In addition, as temperatures drop and snow falls, warming up your car is the perfect way to defrost your windows and melt ice and snow on your windshield.

Build My Arctic Start Remote Starter

It is our mission at Firstech to provide remote start solutions to make driving a safer and comfier experience. We highly recommend planning ahead this winter and contacting your Authorized Retailer to confirm compatibility with your vehicle and to book an installation appointment. Arctic Start dealers will get fully booked when winter fully hits, so plan ahead!


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