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Remote Starting the Holiday Season

Justin Lee | 7 years ago | Remote Start
Holiday season

The holidays are in full-swing with Thanksgiving right around the corner and Christmas shortly thereafter. With all of the hustle and bustle of holiday planning, a remote start system makes the perfect companion for all of the driving between outlet malls and Grandma’s house. A remote start system allows you to start and warm up your car before you even walk out the door. The winter months are the most popular season for remote start installations (can you guess why?) and many drivers are adding remote starts to their newly purchased vehicles – right off of the lot! Drivers across the nation have discovered the value in vehicles equipped for driving in winter weather. Features such as all-wheel-drive and traction control allow drivers to feel safe and confident in adverse weather conditions. But even a well-equipped wintermobile is no match for the biting chill of the cold winter air. A remote start system will prepare your car for the holiday drive with just a touch of a button.

In many cities across the country, temperatures can reach below freezing and if it’s cold outside, it’s likely even colder inside of the car. Arctic Start remote start systems come in a variety of classes – from a simple 1-button remote starter to an advanced 2-way LCD system with optional car alarm upgrades. Arctic Start offers secure extended range technology which allows you to operate your vehicle’s remote start system from up to 1 mile away. Arctic Start offers remote start solutions for virtually every vehicle. A winter-ready car is a sign of a smart investment; invest in an Arctic Start remote start to enjoy the holidays with a warm and comfortable ride.