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Top 5 Remote Starter Myths

ray ware | 7 years ago | Featured|Newest|Remote Start|Technology
Arctic Start remote start in winter

The following are the most common myths regarding remote starters:

1. A Remote Starter is Only Useful in Winter Months

When people think of a remote starter, they usually think of warming a vehicle in cold winter months. Remote starters are actually useful year round if you think about it. In the hot summer months you can remote start your vehicle to cool it down to avoid burning yourself on hot seats, seatbelt and steering wheel.

2. My Vehicle Already Has Remote Start From The Factory, So I Don’t Need An Aftermarket Solution

Factory remote starters are basic and often lack features that are easily added with an aftermarket system. The two biggest differences between factory and aftermarket are range, and 2-way feedback.

Arctic Start remotes range from 800 feet up to one mile of range. This will greatly increase the range of your commands to your vehicle over the factory remote starter. You may not see the need for range at home while your vehicle is in the driveway or garage; but increased range is definitely beneficial when you’re at work, shopping or anywhere that puts you at a further distance from your vehicle.

2-way feedback is a great feature that is often overlooked. Typically you will have to look out your window to make sure your vehicle received and processed the remote start command. The parking lights on your vehicle will illuminate and you can see the exhaust during cold winter months. With a 2-way remote, you can be out of sight of the vehicle and still get a confirmation of the command right to your remote. 2-way confirmation can also be added directly to your smartphone via the DroneMobile device and app. 2-way feedback is especially handy when you are at a grocery store or any other place where the vehicle is further away and not in sight.

3. My Car Has a Manual Transmission so I Can’t Get a Remote Starter

Although this used to be the case with older remote start technology; Firstech systems are manual transmission compatible. We use a ‘reservation mode’ to ensure that the vehicle is parked out of gear and ready to remote start. In addition to reservation mode; we also employ an accelerometer sensor called the DAS that will shut the vehicle down immediately if movement is detected during remote start. This makes our starter the safest on the market for manual transmissions.

4. Remote Start Systems Void your Vehicles warranty

This is not true thanks to the Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act. This prevents OEMs from voiding warranty because of the addition of aftermarket products.

5. I Can Install My Remote Starter Myself

Installing a remote starter is a complicated process and should be left to the professionals. In working with one of our authorized dealers, you will have peace of mind that your starter has been professionally installed and will work to its full potential every time. All of Arctic Start’s authorized dealers have received professional hands on training. Use our dealer locator tool to find an installer near you.


There are a lot of myths regarding remote starters. Although remote starting your car seems like a simple concept, there are a lot of different factors and complexities that revolve around remote starter systems. This may bring up questions about which system is best suited for your vehicle. Reach out to a local Arctic Start dealer near you with any questions regarding remote starters or what the best solution may be for you.