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Winter Warm-Up

Justin Lee | 7 years ago | Featured|Remote Start
Winter road

Winter is upon us, which means more layers of clothing and less moisture in the air. Some of us enjoy the winter, with the crisp dew on the grass and the mid-afternoon hot chocolate pick-me-ups. Many others, however, are frustrated by the harshness of winter. Cold weather can bring about a variety of issues for people already trying to avoid the ice on the ground; issues such as dry skin, bursting pipes, and the dreadful dead battery. Many people rely on their cars during the winter in order to get where they need to go during the holiday season. From buying gifts for Christmas to making an appearance at the company party, drivers across the country spend countless hours on the road and back again.

Unfortunately, with the winter chill another big issue many of us face is the waiting. Winter, with all its inconveniences, happens to be one of the busiest times of the year. Many of us step into an ice-cold car and wait for the cabin (as well as the engine) to warm up – typically spending about 5 minutes to “defrost”. We did a little digging and found out that there are over 210 million drivers in the United States. If every driver spent five minutes warming up their car twice per day, seven days per week during the three months of winter within the year, it would amount to 2,940,000,000 hours or 122,500,000 days!

We think that amount of time to spend sitting inside of an “icebox” is not cool – excuse the pun – so we propose a solution. Arctic Start remote start systems will do the waiting for you, all you have to do is press a button and your Arctic Start will do the rest. Having an Arctic Start remote start installed is like saving 10 minutes per day to do things you actually care about. You can make an appointment, tidy up a room, pay bills, do laundry, or chat with a friend. Your time is valuable and you should not have to dedicate it to watching your breath turn into vapor in the rear-view mirror (although that can be quite fun). Be in control of your time and your car with an Arctic Start remote start system.